Celebrate The Small Wins

I’ve talked about my lack of faith in the ‘positivity approach’ to things but I forgot to mention that when you accept the bad it doesn’t mean you have to be completely negative all the time in fact part of accepting the bad is accepting the good. After all without bad we wouldn’t know what good felt like(yes I know that’s very basic terminology), and I find it more effective to focus on the little wins we have rather then looking for one major one all the time.

This isn’t easy especially if you’ve spent most of your life over looking the small wins and it doesn’t happen over night(of course) but I can say it does make a difference even if it’s just for the few seconds in which you celebrate the win. It can also be seen as taking pleasure in the small things, which you may have already tried before but as I said it takes practice.

People around me get sick of the way that I pick out the small things that are little wins especially if it’s in the middle of some bigger loss, but it’s by constantly ignoring the small win that the bigger losses become your whole world.

For example Aphrodite, my guinea pig, had something wrong with her eye on Saturday evening and by then my vets where closed. Unfortunately it wasn’t until around midnight that I thought of Googling the local animal hospitals that have emergency and/or after hours services, most of them too where closed other then one that was 24 hours but $100 just for a consultation. So I monitored her for the next few hours and when her eye didn’t get any worse and didn’t seem to be causing major distress I decided I’d get up first thing in the morning and call the Lort Smith Animal Hospital. Thank god for me they had a vet who was happy to see a guinea pig and they could see her in a couple of hours, it turned out that the poor thing had poked her eye with hay(quite common) and ended up with an ulcer and mild conjunctivitis. This is all pretty sad but very treatable(one small win!), the vet gave her a pain killer injection(stoned piggie the rest of the day!) and some eye drops with the assurance that she would be better in 5 days.  So it’s Sunday, an emergency, got an injection AND medication…I was dreading the bill even with my concession discount I was convinced I’d be over $120 AUD. The Lort Smith already gives as much discount as possible, so the full amount came it $108AUD but with my concession I only had to pay $90.08 AUD! I felt awful for poor Aphrodite who was in pain but I was completely excited by the cheapness of the bill and on a Sunday no less! This is a little win inside a loss/pain and if I didn’t stop to appreciate that it would have been a lot harder to cope with my empathy for my piggie, it’s also very good to know for the future in case of any other emergencies.

I like to practice this when watching TV shows and the like, I find it very useful especally when so much of y time is spend in pain, in fear of pain and/or avoiding pain. I think it’s helped me to generally feel a little bit happier each day.


About Mandy

I live with an assortment of illnesses and one illness causes me chronic pain so I live with my dad. I'm lucky that Dad looks after me, even though I'm an adult, which allows me to actually live a life. I love animals. I have two dogs, five adopted guinea pigs, and two small tropical fish tanks. I listen and sing (badly) to mainly rock music. I really enjoy reading and often read an assortment of different genres but I do have a special interest in true crime. I was studying psychology with the intention of specialising in Forensic Psychology and when I'm able to I will return to university.

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