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Normally I don’t like to push my own ethics especially since this blog isn’t really aimed at that but I feel this one in particular must be shared because the people face such a large challenge and they deserve support. I promise this will not become a regular thing.

The petition below is one to stop Russia from taking a backward step and allowing the slaughter of the stray animals that are in the country, animal welfare organisations, volunteers and the public have been denied an official voice in the discussions about how best to deal with the stray population and much of the legislation is kept hidden from the public. It has been show that if properly managed and followed trap, neuter/spay and release programs work better then killing and many animal rights people want to see more control in pet breeding to help decline the amount of strays otherwise the killing will have to be constant and wont make any difference anyway.
These people face a corrupt government who are far more interested in lining their pockets then in what the people want and an information black out, in many ways I feel more sorry for them then I do the poor animals as their battle seems unwinable. I really think that the people of Russia deserve help and support of anyone who has the spare time to sign their name, so I’m sharing this petition. Please visit the sight below!


The Importance of Pets

Most people who know me will tell you that I love all animals and of course that means I’ve got many pets there’s actually more pets in the house then there is people. My dad and I live with two dogs, two guinea pigs and nine fish, to most people that seems rather insane but for us it’s a very good set up.

Many people believe pets are simply a luxury something to have around for the hell of it, but for others having pets in the house is like having another member of the family around. I suffer from various mental illnesses and I have attempted to take my own life so almost as a default  my pets are far more to me then a luxury or even companionship they are the rock that holds me down, they give me a reason to live to get up every morning. Pets are not just for people with mental illnesses, pets also give you undieing loyalty and love when dad opens the door in the morning when he gets home from work the first thing that he sees is the dogs heads waiting for him.

It’s also been shown that having pets around young children can help to prevent allergies, it’s also been shown that they help to increase life expectancy as well as general health however if you’re not an animal person these are not good enough reasons to get a pet. What strikes me as the most remarkable power that pets have is the ability to calm and soothe any mood, if I’m upset cuddling a dog is a sure way to make me feel better and last night when I couldn’t sleep grabbing a guinea pig to cuddle soothed me enough to get at least some sort of sleep. All my pets have helped to open me to a whole world of emotions that I’d never experienced and I gained a new area of empathy as well as responsibility. Pets are everything to me, they’re part of my family and they’ve never hurt me in the way that other people have.

However the best thing that I’ve ever experienced wasn’t a pet rescuing me but adopting my guinea pigs and giving them a second chance. I’ve had one girl Nellie living with me for almost two years now(she’s roughly three) and when I first adopted her she was very shy and pretty nuts with a very submissive personality, but she bonded not only with me but with her friend Aphrodite(who died in early December). Over the first year I watched Nellie grow into a much stronger and bolder little piggie she’s still pretty crazy but her personality has really blossomed and watching that take place make’s the whole world look better. My heart breaking loss of Aphrodite was made all that much harder by the fact that Nellie really felt the loss as well, Nellie became really suspicious of me and she got quite depressed then started to fight with every piggie we tried to introduce her to. This experence opened me up to understanding how my dad feels whenever I’m suffering, because it was hard to watch Aphrodite suffer though lymphoma and so I’m now able to understand how my dad feels when I’m suffering with my illnesses. Through understanding animals behaviours and emotions you can learn to understand other peoples heaviours and emotions, our pets live with us and in the end they become like us to an extent(I know my pets are as nuts as I am).

Two People Can Make a Difference

Inspiration is something that we’re lacking in today’s age(maybe that’s cause I don’t fall for ‘every baby born is a wonder’ crap) and I thought that this story was particularly inspirational as well as high lighting that anyone can make a difference no matter their age. Below is a story about two boys who raised roughly $10,000 for their cause though their dedication to the cause.

Here is the site that they built for their cause( and personally I believe that it’s a cause worth fighting for, their are already so many extinct animals in the world it would be a shame to lose another and that is what these kids are fighting to stop.  They what to save a sea creature known as a Nautilus, which has survive for millions of years and is known as a ‘living fossil'(I also think that it looks like a fossil). It’s threatened by over fishing(there’s a surprise!) and the fact that they can be made into pendants for jewellery due to their striking appearance.
This is a truly impressive feet that they’ve done and I believe that they should be supported not just for being so dedicated but also because I believe this animal should be protected.

Remember that it only takes one person with passion and dedication to make a difference in this world, it’s very true that one vote can make a difference and in this case it only takes one voice. Thanks to the internet and social networking in particular it’s now far easier to bring attention to you’re cause then it ever has been and it’s true that you really can make a difference if you really want to.

Humankind is Egotistical

Yep I believe this with my whole being, humankind as a species is incredibly egotistical. I arrived at this conclusion long ago there where so many things that just seemed to be stupid that humankind declares, things like we where made in God’s image or animals are not as important as us or someone is inferior because of the colour of their skin ect. There are two main things that really stand out to me and I find it very frustrating that there are so many people who seem incapable of seeing what I see so clearly.

The first thing that really bugs me is the insane notion that we are alone in this absolutely massive Universe, the idea that in a place so big (to the point that we’re unable to comprehend how big it actually is) that we could possibly be alone is just stupid. Every single star in the sky is a sun with it’s own planets and moons and atmospheres ect. and that’s only in our galaxy, you then think about the amount of galaxies that are out there and the amount of suns, planets, moons, atmospheres ect. it’s just impossible for us to be alone. I’m not saying that there’s little green men running around on Mars, it’s actually highly unlikely for intelligent life to be so close to us but given the vastness of space it’s impossible that there is no other intelligent life. I also think that it’s more or less unlikely that all other intelligent life will look like us(humanoid in appearance). There’s so many other types of life and the potential types of life that could be around which is just beyond our imagination and comprehension, just because a human being is unable to survive in a gas environment doesn’t mean that something non-human is unable to. While I do have my fair share of strange dreams a psychological problems I can assure you that I’m not a raving loon or conspiracy nut I just logically can’t see how we could be alone in such a large space. To me it’s like saying you’re the only person in the world, it’s just not logically possible regardless of what we have or have not been able to find.

The second thing is the idea of a food chain, which has a top and a bottom of which we as human beings are on top of. This is biologically impossible and it’s scientifically proven that there are plenty of things that do in fact eat human beings, thus meaning that there is more of a food circle  then of a hierarchy. Again I just can’t see why there are so many people who don’t realise that we’re frightened of animals like crocodiles, lions, tigers, bears ect. because they attack and eat people. When you look at what a person is at a biological level you see that human beings are nothing more then really smart meat and thus we are in fact eatable. Looking a lot smaller, parasites, fungises, bacteria and viruses are continuously eating us in some form or another, when you get a tape worm or an infection or a viruses they are essentially eating the cells in our bodies in order to live and reproduce. Then when we die our bodies are eaten by all sorts of bugs and organisms again making us more or less meat/food, so how people can be under the deluded idea that we’re on the top of a food chain I don’t really understand.

The only explanation that I can think of for these two mass over sights and demented declarations is that human beings have a self absorbed egotistical view of themselves and their importance. Human beings are really not as ‘awesome’ as they seem to think they are, we’re not overly amazing and we’re not a whole lot better then other animals…what we are is rather smart and good at inventing ways to kill other things at a safe distance. If it was not for the fact that we can invent things to kill other things at a safe distance we’d be unable to survive in the wild, humans are in no other way overly special…so where this egotistical behavior comes from I really don’t understand at all.

Euthanasia**Trigger warning and mature content**

First thing I’m going to say is if any abusive comments are left I will publicly dress you down for it in a very nasty way while also proving that I’m better then you. My comments here are my person opinions that have not changed since I was young and arguments against my support of euthanasia have done little more then irritate me, it’s my personal experiences that have shaped this support. I want to clearly state that I’m not against life, I hate war and pointless death however I do hate pain and suffering that is inescapable and is prolonged for what seems to be a very selfish reason.

Obviously it’s this is something that I’ve thought about a lot and it’s a modern philosophical debate that includes all sorts of different factions of the community, so why am I bring it up now? Today I had the unfortunate and devastating experience of  euthanising my guniea pig Aphrodite, whom I loved very much and I do still love her so much so that I’m going to cremate her(the company is picking her up tomorrow). This of course brought up some pretty passionate feelings in both my dad and I. Aphrodite was dieing of lymphoma, she had taken a turn for the worst and it was causing her pain to drink…to the point that she was actually crying when swallowing. She was diagnosed on Monday and weighted roughly 850gs, two days before that she weighed roughly 960gs, this weight loss and the sudden refusal of water(Thursday she stopped drinking) was awfully quick and her suffering was hard on not just my dad and I but on her friend Nellie. Given that she had no quality of life we knew there was only one option and that was to end her suffering with euthanasia.

I find it very strange and infuriating that if I where to keep Aphrodite alive in  her condition with an illness that was killing her painfully and had no cure I would be considered to be a cruel and irresponsible pet owner however if I where to try to end a human beings suffering in the same way I would responsible do for my pet it would be seen as illegal and immoral. It’s infuriating that we as human beings can decide that we’re so special we have a right to life under any and all circumstances and we call this ‘respect for life’ but this isn’t respect, this is prolonging  pain and suffering because we’re terrified of losing the ones we love. We respect and love our animals so much that we euthanasia them when their suffering becomes so bad that their life isn’t what we’d consider life and yet we proclaim that our love and respect is greater for the other people  and we show this by keeping them alive in a condition that we would not keep our pets in. The backward hypocrisy of this is so confusing and demented that it astounds me that anyone could think this is a display of respect and kindness.

Aphrodite is the second pet/fur baby that I’ve euthanised and bot times  was 100% sure that I was doing the right thing and still to this day I believe that I’ve done the right thing by both. If my dad was to get some awful illness like cancer I would be fighting for his right to die in a dignified, peaceful way. I would fight for the right to end his pain because I love him and I respect him far too much to leave him in that kind of condition, just the same way that I wouldn’t leave him on life support for too long he’s told me he never wants to live this way.

Those who argue that only God has the right to take a life or that human life is scared and shouldn’t be ended prematurely by man no matter the circumstances have never known true suffering and have never witnessed true suffering in those that they love. I say this as someone who has suffered, who has seen loved ones suffer and who has been the cause of suffering for my loved ones. If everyone is suffering on account of this illness, that’s painful and can’t be cured, if no one is living fully how can you possibly call that existence ‘living’? How could you tell those suffering people that they have no right to end that suffering because of a higher being that may or may not exist is just cruel and stupid and if your God is truly that sadistic and mean spirited that He/She/It would let something it created continue to suffer while ‘living’ for no other reason then to live and suffer then you really should be reevaluating your values and beliefs.

Animal Warm Fuzzies!

Everyone knows that an important part of dealing with any kind of mental or physical illness is taking time to enjoy the wonders that can some times happen in life, so today I bring you the stories of family pets returning home from long distances. Simply a joy to read, put a smile on my face so hopefully it will put one on your face too 🙂

Warm Fuzzy!

So everyone should know by now that I love my animals and I do spend a fair amount of my time on animal welfare efforts, which means that I hear a lot of really devastating stories of abuse and cruelty.

Then I see/hear the stuff that makes it worthwhile, this is one such story. A baby elephant is recused from what would have been a deadly fall by three people who are trained (yes kids, don’t attempt this at home) and then reunited with the mother. I do warn you at the start of the video the elephants are quite distressed but there is nothing graphic and has a very beautiful and happy ending 🙂

Story and video can be found here:

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